Maximize Your Ad Revenue With Quality Demand

May 17, 2018

When was the last time your demand partner called You?

Or is it always You who have to chase them?

How would you like to get this time back and use it for other stuff, stuff that you are excited about, such as creating that amazing content of yours?

That’s what we call the Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge. And it happens to be PubGalaxy’s mission to help you with those monetization needs and responsibilities. We have a dedicated team that builds and manages lasting relationships with multiple demand partners for you, so you get the time to focus on your core competence.

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Watch These Publishers Success Stories ⏩

May 10, 2018

It’s World Publisher Day today!

Just joking.

But we might as well call it the PubGalaxy Publishers Day as we are putting our Premium publishers in the spotlight! Watch their videos below:

“One of the best choices I’ve ever made, because now I’m free to let them deal with it. If I have an issue, I write one person. I don’t have to try to figure out which ad network it was and they look into it and take care of it.”

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How To Maintain Quality Ads And Ensure Brand Safety

May 3, 2018

At PubGalaxy, we love specialization and we focus on every aspect of website monetization. One of the most important factors for the long-term success of publishers is, inevitably, brand safety. Hence, the rise of the Ad Quality team within PubGalaxy.

Most Common Ad Quality Issues    

Nowadays publishers’ most common problem is mobile ad malware. It represents about 95% of the total, far more compared to the desktop one – 5%. The first reason is that desktop computers have a lot more tools for properly detecting problems like Phishing, Back Button Hijacking or Auto-redirecting.

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The Strategy Behind Ad Space Monetization

April 26, 2018

Are you struggling with the Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge? Our strategist is here to help.

All PubGalaxy Premium publishers get access to a customer team, including a dedicated strategist who is focusing on additional monetization opportunities, knowledge of ad formats, viewability and the industry to be able to provide best practice and advice, catering to the specific audience and publisher needs.

Today, we introduce Boris Shterev, PubGalaxy’s Customer Success Strategist.

Boris-Shterev-StrategistQ: Hi, Boris. How would you describe your work with Premium publishers?

B: Every time we onboard a Premium publisher it’s like starting a whole new project. Each client has a different vision for their business and even with sites that are seemingly alike the story is never the same. It’s important to take the publishers’ uniqueness into account and help them grow in their own way, instead of simply providing rehearsed solutions, even though we have certain limitations enforced by the industry, which makes it challenging to strike a balance at times.

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The Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge: ✅ Solved

April 12, 2018

If this is the first time you hear about the Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge, then you’d better check out our previous blog post here. This article is all about how we solve this challenge and why you don’t need to wear both ‘hats’ anymore.

At PubGalaxy, we believe in specialization. We have teams with expert skills in certain fields and when working together these teams achieve great monetization results. To be more specific, the property of each of our publishers is taken care of by AdOps, Technical Support, Yield Optimization, Ad Quality and Demand experts. Yes, these functions are separate at PubGalaxy. The needs of the publisher are coordinated with the respective team member by the dedicated account manager, while our Product team looks into new and emerging ad formats that can generate incremental revenue for your property.

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Introducing The Publisher’s Two Hats Challenge

April 5, 2018

Does your work week look something like this? 

  • image-publisher-shivaWorking on content strategy and planning
  • Meetings/calls with new potential partners for your inventory 
  • Trying to comprehend reports from multiple providers  
  • Figuring out which provider you had an ad quality issue with and then trying to solve it 
  • Making sure your ad tags are implemented correctly 
  • Trying to figure out why a certain provider stopped running ads on your site 
  • Reading on that new ad format that could potentially drive your revenue up 
  • Trying to find new ways to engage with your audience and keep them coming back 

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